Best Apps for Finding Halal Food Places

Traveling is great fun that brings back the youth and freshness in you. As a Muslim, if you are avoiding traveling to the place because of halal food issues or are constantly asking yourself where to find places which are halal near me, you should plan the trip and go right away. You do not have to eat MacDonald’s on your amazing soul healing trip. If you do not eat the local’s food, your traveling is never complete. It is not so tricky to find the best halal food places in foreign countries.

There are apps that can help you in finding the halal in places such as Paris, Tokyo, Nairobi, and other places. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Haloodie Halal Food App
This is an app that calls the halal foodies to enjoy the best meals during their travels. It is quite easy to use the app. When you input your address, many restaurants that offer halal food options nearby you will pop up. It guides you to the restaurants through the interactive map of Google. The Facebook page of Haloodie is also very famous. The page has a plethora of recommendations and reviews from the top halal restaurants in the USA and Europe.

Halal Trip – Best Halal Food Finding App
Available in different languages, the Halal Trip plans your eating itinerary. It also informs you about the Qibla in the locations you travel to, and lets you recite the travel dua. You can find restaurants as well as halal mosques in this app. The app is filled with the recommendations of many delicious halal food places. No matter where you are, this app will recommend a halal food place.

Halal Dining Club
This is another amazing website that gives detailed information regarding halal restaurants. Through this halal food place finder app, you can discover about the owner, halal certification, halal kitchen, and more information. You can also search the app to know whether a place offers seafood or vegetarian food. This app covers big cities such as Singapore, London, New York City, Paris, Milan, North America, and more. You can also simply book a seat in a restaurant from this app.

Zabihah gives recommendations to you no matter where you are. It covers the entire globe. This is an excellent app that can help you plan your trip before you even pack your bags. This is one of the oldest halal food finders that also let you search for mosques. Its coverage of the restaurant is outstandingly accurate.

Meembar Halal Food Finder
This is an excellent app that lets you focus on halal travel. You can collect the data regarding halal hotels, halal restaurants, and mosques. The application retrieves the data from the Global Halal Certification organizations. It also retrieves the data from user generated recommendations. In addition, it allows you to check, suggest, rate, and write reviews about the restaurants.

These are the excellent Muslim restaurants and eatery finders that encourage you to travel the world. Some of the apps are capable of helping you to plan your entire trip ahead of time. So, do not worry, pack up, leave, and enjoy the halal traveling.