Doubts you Must Clarify with Corporate Gifts Suppliers Before Engaging Them

Presenting corporate gifts to employees and clients has been a popular practice for more than two centuries, and at the rate current companies are giving them out, it doesn’t look like this practice is slowing down anytime soon. Searching for corporate gifts suppliers is actually not that difficult, as one can simply go to the internet or classified ads to do a simple search. However, the issue is finding a good and reliable supplier like, that has numerous years of experience in the industry, and is able to fulfill all your corporate gifts needs. So if you are not sure about what kind of doubts to clarify with potential corporate gifts suppliers, stick with us till the end of this article.

Check if their Gifts Meet your Purpose
It is extremely important that you communicate, meet up, and discuss with the supplier about the types of gifts that they provide. Regardless of whether you know your employees and clients very well, and have done extensive research into suitable corporate gifts to present them, it does no harm to gather ideas from the supplier. If the supplier is very experienced, they will know which kinds of gifts to suggest for different industries, employees and even clientele. As such, do take the extra effort to check and clarify with the supplier, to see if their gifts meet your purpose before engaging their services.

Does the Supplier Require you to Order a Minimum Number of Gifts?
Depending on the size of your order and the cost of each gift, most suppliers usually require you to order a minimum number of gifts, or what is commonly known as the minimum order quantity (MOQ). This is very important to know, as it may affect the amount of gifts you can order for your corporate event. If the event has only a very little number of participants, but the supplier’s MOQ exceeds this number, then it will not be very cost effective to buy the gifts. Conversely, if you are organising a major event and expecting a very large turnout, choosing a supplier with very low MOQ may result in final orders that may not be fulfilled. It might be risky to engage this kind of supplier, as you may end up with lesser corporate gifts during the event, and consequently, this will affect the credibility of your company. As such, it is extremely important to always find out exactly how many corporate gifts you need, and whether the supplier can meet your gifts quantity needs.

Inquire about Delivery Charges and the Exact Date of Delivery
While it is good to source for gifts from affordable suppliers so as to keep within the budget, you need to check if they charge extra for delivery. This is especially crucial if you are making a large order of gifts for your company’s event. In addition, it will not be wise to pick the gifts up yourself if the additional delivery charges can be rather exorbitant. On top of that, do check with the supplier on the exact date they can get your gifts ready and delivered to you. Wherever possible, try to have the order delivered before the start of your corporate event so as to avoid any logistical nightmares.