Everything you Need to Know about Video Marketing

What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is the process of making a video and then using that video to drive traffic to your website. Now, before you turn off the computer and tell yourself that you can never make a video let along market it, let me assure you that video marketing is not as difficult as it seems. And let me first explain why you should do video marketing.

Why Do Videos?

The most obvious reason is that video is the in thing now. Almost anyone, from a kid to a teenager, to an adult and even the elderly love watching videos. If you go to any video site and check the most popular videos, you can see that they get almost thousands, some even millions of views/hits. This goes to show that there is a huge traffic source you can get from video marketing.

With the fast paced lives today, people are getting attention deficiency and want to absorb information fast. Therefore, videos are an easy way to grab their attention, provide valuable content and get your message across to them quickly and effectively.

Tips For Making And Compiling Video

1) Limit your video to about 2-5 minutes. Remember that while you want to provide valuable content to your viewers, at the same time you don’t want to bore them to tears with long videos. But if you really must release a long video (say about 15-20 minutes), then break them up into parts with each lasting not longer than 5-7 minutes.

2) Don’t sound or act too rigid or nervous. Instead, be calm, compose and relaxed.

3) Don’t let your voice sound too monotonous. Vary your tone, pitch, loudness accordingly and try to sound enthusiastic where possible. With that said, it doesn’t really mean that you must sound very professional or artificial. Be natural and most importantly, be yourself.

4) As for live video, don’t worry too much about looking silly or clumsy. Again, be confident, be yourself and natural and do not be afraid to make minor mistakes because it makes you look more human and helps your viewer identify better with you.

5) And most importantly, stop pondering about whether you can do the video and start working on actually doing the video.

Types Of Video

There are namely 2 types of video you can make:-

1) Video slideshow with narration on the background,
2) Live video of you explaining or doing something

What Needs To Be Done:

Regardless of the type of video you wish to make, you will have to do the basic following first:

1) Research and list down points

2) Prepare a simple video script

3) Make and compile Video using video editing software

What’s Next?

After creating the video, you need to ensure that you market it to get tons of traffic. If you are unsure of how to do so, then you should engage the services of a renowned marketing agency such as 786SEO.com. 786SEO.com is regarded as the best ecommerce SEO company, which specialises in search engine optimisation, social media marketing and of course, video marketing.