How do you Create What you Want?

Now, how do you actually go about creating what you want – be it a thing, a circumstance or a person – that is supposed to make you feel that much happier? Of course, first of all, you have to check yourself. Are you happy with where you are right now? No? Of course you are. You are already happy being and feeling whatever you are being or feeling right now. Don’t fool yourself about it. Yes, you are… But could you be happier? Yes? Good!

Then we are ready to proceed to ever greater levels and permutations of happiness. Remember, it is crucial that you start out from a place of happiness and being clear that you are in a state of happiness, in order to go on to achieve a particular goal. If you start out from a state of non-happiness or not being clear that you are in a state of happiness, then no matter how fast and how far a degree of success you attain with your objective, you’ll never be happy nor satisfied with your newfound attainment.
But I’m not asking you to fake yourself to happiness or deliberately generate feelings of elation and joy where there is none to be felt. All I’m asking is that you realise and know that no matter what you’re feeling right now, you are feeling that emotion because you are happy feeling that emotion.

Be clear about it. Then the next thing to do is to realise that you can be happier than you are now by pursuing whatever it is that you want to pursue. You are already happy where you are now, but you just want to experience even greater levels of happiness by going after what you want.

Do you know why you are sad now? It’s because you are happy being sad. It makes you happy to feel these feelings of sadness. It satisfies you to feel sad. But know that you can be even happier by not feeling sad, by wanting to feel even greater levels of happiness. Do you know why you are angry now? That’s because you are happy being angry. It makes you happy to feel these emotions of anger. It satisfies a deep craving within you to feel angry. But realise that you can attain even greater degrees of happiness by not feeling angry, by wanting to feel free from anger and exploring new vistas of happiness. Happiness is not a state to go after. It is a base state. It is the motivator that drives everything you do or feel. It is everything.

Now that I have impressed upon you with the best of my efforts the importance of knowing and realising that happiness is the base state and fundamental motivator of everything that you feel or do, let us get on with the business of creating what you want in life by asking. When I say that you can create what you want by asking, I don’t just mean by asking for it, what I actually mean is to ask certain specific focused questions that are designed to get your mind to think in a certain way and your brain to function in a particular manner such that you will do certain things or somehow stumble upon certain circumstances that would favour you getting what you want.

There is no magical process here. It’s all science. Of course, strict scientists won’t say it is all science, but what it is, is just obeying or following rational ways by which reality functions.