Importance of Gratitude to your Life

Gratitude 101

Gratitude. I’m sure you have heard of this word before but what exactly does it mean? Gratitude simply means a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation. Gratitude can be a form of self-acceptance that shows your appreciation for your surrounding situation. You can be grateful for practically anything: the tangibles and the intangibles, the gains and the losses, the past and the future.

Gratitude does not come from a “this is too good to be true” feeling. Nor does it come from feelings of lack and desperation, such that you are dependent upon external factors as if the world owes you anything. Gratitude comes from a realisation, a proper understanding of things that goes as deep and as true as that of a mother’s love for her child.

Thankfulness cannot be faked or forced. You can train a child to say “Thank You” when she is given something good, but you cannot cause her to truly experience deep feelings of gratitude and appreciation in her heart. Perhaps this is why grateful people have always been in short supply. I am referring to the truly grateful, not the masses that only profess gratefulness by the tongue but do not possess it in the depths of their hearts. However, like any other tendencies, true gratefulness can be slowly and steadily instilled in one’s being by consistent and diligent observation and practice.

Knowing the power and potential of showing gratitude and subsequently applying it accordingly can be the single most decisive factor in ensuring better degrees of success for yourself. So exactly what can gratitude do for you? Gratitude instils a positive feeling in you and the people you show it to. It alters your perspective of negative feelings, thoughts or beliefs you may have
of yourself or others by alerting these feelings, thoughts and beliefs to the things you are grateful for. Gratitude raises your awareness and focus and it can inspire you to achieve better for yourself and the people around you.

Why You Don’t Show Enough Gratitude To Yourself.

In fact, there are numerous other benefits of gratitude. Yet, many people still do not or refuse to shower themselves or the people around them with gratitude. So why then do people not show enough gratitude to themselves let along to others? The primary reason why you don’t shower yourself with enough gratitude is due to something called self-limiting beliefs.

Self-limiting beliefs are basically thoughts ingrained in your mind that makes you feel you are not worthy of something.  In this article’s context, these self-limiting beliefs can be those that hinder you from showering yourself with enough gratitude for all the accomplishments you have obtained. Consequently when you do not acknowledge your accomplishments enough, you will feel as though you have failed in life and ultimately this will really lead to your failure.

How to Show Gratitude

The first step is of course to acknowledge that you have made accomplishments, even if may seem very small, and that you are worthy of rewarding yourself. Then you can simply write thank you notes to yourself, give yourself a pat in your back or even reward yourself with gifts such as funny mugs and more. Incidentally, rewarding yourself with funny items not only give a sense of gratitude, it will make you laugh and feel better about yourself as well. So why not check out 786.Gifts to get the perfect funny gift, and be on the way to shower yourself with abundant gratitude.