Rare Types of Moving Services

There are many different types of movers, from international ones, to movers Singapore is famous for. But did you know that some movers offer rare types of moving services? This article will help you understand the different types of rare services offered by moving companies. You can then have an idea about which type of moving company that is perfect to hire, according to your rare service requirements.

Long Distance Moving Companies
These companies operate for longer distances of more than 100 miles. As these companies move along different states, special documentation and charges are required. Their charges are based on the weight of your items and distance to the new location. You have to consider many details before handing over your items to any long distance moving company. You must check the following details and then decide on the most suitable company to hire. These details include, but not limited to:

  • Clients feedback on the company
  • An authentic website with clear information
  • Correct contact address
  • Open for negotiation
  • Have the capability to handle special products
  • Licensing is proper

International Moving Companies
When you are moving internationally, then it’s more complicated and tiresome. Since you are sending your possessions to another country, they have different rules and regulations that must be followed. In such cases, seek the assistance of moving companies in moving your possessions by sea or air, since an official procedure is required and it’s a complicated process. The cost of your shipment is based on the mode of transportation, the shipment’s size, and distance to the location in the other country. Before making your choice, first consider customer reviews and exact services that are offered. Then compare the costs, and confirm if the company is capable of international moving before deciding on a specific company.

Moving Container Companies
You may be asking yourself, exactly what are moving containers? These are big containers made of metal that can be used to transport an extremely large amount of items and goods across state lines or the sea. The function of moving container companies is obviously to move the containers. However, you usually have to do the packaging and loading of your items and goods onto the container by yourself. The container will be provided by the company, and they will pick it up when packaging is done, before delivering it to the designated location. The benefit of this type of company is that you are given more time for loading and unloading rather than just one day. The company can also help to store the container if you do not need to deliver the large amounts of items immediately. They will just move the container to a storage unit and deliver it when you ask.

Auto Transportation Companies
These companies move your automobiles within the country. Hire a professional moving company to relocate your car if you do not wish to drive it all the way to the new destination. Check the professionalism, affordability, experience, and trustworthiness of the company before selecting one. You don’t have to worry about your car as you’ll get it in perfect condition.

Small Moves Moving Companies
This is a new category that is slowly picking up traction over the last few years. Sometimes, you just need to move some items from one place to another. For example, you bought a sofa online and need it to be shipped to your house. Or you are a student and want to take your bedroom set while moving off the college. Or if you’re moving out of an apartment and have only a few boxes for relocation. Small moves specialty companies will help you in such cases.