Types of Video to Captivate your Audience

Videos are already part of our daily lives. Gone are the days that we can only see videos on TV and in movie houses. Today, there are so many videos showing platform that you can play any video any time, anywhere. This is also why a lot of people are into producing videos lately because they can see that many can produce good videos with simple tools on their hands.

Videos are utilized in different ways. Some use it for marketing and even engage a video production singapore for this purpose. Some use it for entertainment. Whatever the purpose of a video is, it is important to know which type of video to use on a particular occasion or campaign. Here are the appropriate types of video you should use to captivate your audience.

Live Videos
Live videos are the videos that you usually see. It is a recording of live or still objects. It may be curated or raw but live videos are the normal videos that you usually see or take. This type of video is usually used for tutorials, welcome videos, or about me videos. A live video can be used as a sales video to show the effectiveness of the brand or product.

Animated videos
We are all familiar with Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks, and other creators of animated videos. Animation is a compilation of many still images that are put together to give the illusion of movement. An animation is usually used for promotional and marketing videos, and explainer videos. This is because it is more captivating and involves lots of colors that can catch the attention of your desired audience.

Motion graphics videos
Motion graphics is similar to animation, but this is more for communicating purposes. Mostly this type of video doesn’t have a story to tell, rather, they have text to communicate what they want to say. This type is usually used for informative videos. Most telling about the product that you are marketing.

Photo Montage Videos
Photomontage or more commonly known as slideshows is a compilation of photos with music and/or voiceovers. This type of video can be used for a recap of events, showing milestones. This is also a popular format for weddings and birthdays.

Video Streaming
These days, video streaming is totally in trend. This is usually an option for any social media apps that you have. Usually, these live streams are done to promote engagements. Many influencers are doing this so they could interact with their followers in real-time.

Now that you know the type of videos that you can use to create, it’s time to ask yourself what is the purpose of your video. Of course, you could always experiment and create a mixture of all types. Your creativity is your limitation. But always start with the purpose of the video. Are you doing this to entertain? Do you want to impart something? Do you want them to see a milestone? If the purpose has been defined, it is easier for you to create video content because you already have a goal and direction.